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Boarding & Daycare


We require proof of current Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccines administered by a licensed veterinarian or licensed Veterinary Technician.


If making a reservation for more than one dog, let us know if you would like them to share an enclosure or be located next to each other. Holiday weeks require a minimum two night. Cancellations need to be three days in advance or reservation deposit is non-fundable.

We recommend bringing your own dog food, leash, a small toy and a t-shirt ( comfort of home).


Dogs staying in our camp check in or check out anytime during normal business hours. Monday - Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm the day of your scheduled drop off. However, we ask that you try to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing in order to get your pet settled in for the evening.   Appointments are preferred. Pets scheduled for classic baths on the final day of boarding will be ready to check-out after 2PM.

Traditional Boarding


We offer traditional boarding and daycare. Dogs staying in our traditional boarding will be treated to a private, indoor kennel with a temperature controlled environment. All boarders are offered a comfortable pressure relief bed and blanket. All boarders have an activity time each day, this can be playtime/social time in one of our secure yards or on a nature walk. Boarders may purchase additional playtimes in our completely secure play yards. Playtimes can include running, playing fetch, tummy scratching, nature walk, and group playtime if your pet is socialized and would like to play with other compatible pets.

Small dogs are $25/night (under 35 pounds) 

Medium dogs are $35/night (35-65 pounds) 

Large dogs $45/night (66-100 pounds) 


Long term dog boarding does require a deposit of 50% of the stay at the time of drop off and one week non refundable boarding unless canceled a week in advance. 

One month of basic boarding is $600.00. 

Day Care


All dogs are $5/per hour or $20/per full day. Ask about our frequent campers discount cards.



We offer classic baths for $20 the day of pick up. Dogs that ARRIVE with excessive dirt, weeds or odor will be charged for a bath or basic brushing. We do offer nail trims for $10.00.

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